Christ Comprehended (Mark 8:22-26)

Christ Comprehended (Mark 8:22-26)

I.) Misunderstanding the Christ

We have an exciting text before us today! At first glance, many are confused by what they are reading, and may even venture to ask:

Q.) Was Jesus not powerful enough to heal this blind man on the first go?

There are modern faith healers today who will distort this text to support their incomplete and fraudulent “healings”. The only way to come to such a conclusion is to isolate this account from its context. We truly could go back to Mark 7 to get a firm footing of what is taking place here, but beginning at verse 11 of chapter 8 will do.

II.) Seeing the Christ

First, however, I want to us to understand that Jesus knows exactly what He is doing. He did not mess up healing this man!

If we understand that Christ is God in flesh then we must acknowledged His omnipotence; His being all-powerful. This means when we come to a text such as this we do not jump to the conclusion that the Christ failed, for that is an assault on His power. We must acknowledge that since He is God in the flesh He is omniscient; He is all-knowing. He knows what He is doing!

The question then is:

Q.) What is Christ doing?

A couple of things:

1.) First, as the image of the invisible God, and the radiance of His glory, and the exact representation of His nature; He shows mercy.[1] He does not just heal the man, He touches the man. Culturally a blind man was considered cursed by God. People, therefore, avoided contact with them, but Jesus did the exact opposite. We again see compassion for those deemed deplorable. It is through His compassionate healing Jesus does something else here. I would argue the something else is the thrust of the text, and context will make that evident.

The second thing He does is teach, and He does so with the miracle wrought on the man. The man by the way who was blind, and then given limited sight, and eventually given complete sight. A progression of physical sight is clearly seen in this work.

If we isolate this text, and focus merely on the physical we will be confused, and fail to see the truth He is conveying to His disciples. The truth is that of spiritual sight which comprehends the Person of Jesus the Christ. To see this we need to glance at the context before and after this event.

III.) Comprehending The Christ

The progression of spiritual sight begins in verse 11 with the Pharisees asking for a sign.

Mark 8:11-12

Q.) Why do they want a sign?

A.) They are blind to the truth of Christ.

We see the disciples who have witnessed Jesus’ ability to create bread in order to satisfy need, yet we see their limited sight:

Mark 8:13-16

Unlike the Pharisees, the disciples are not seeking after a sign; they purely lack focus and struggle to comprehend the Christ. There is a huge difference! The Pharisees have rejected what has been revealed. The disciples fail to grasp what has been revealed.

Listen to what Jesus says to His disciples:

Mark 8:17-21

There are at least seven questions here, and all of them pertain to spiritual comprehension:

Do you not see?

Do you not understand?

Do you have a hardened heart?

Do you not see?

Do you not hear?

Do you not remember?

Do you not yet understand?

Look now at what happens and discern what Jesus, the Christ, does and asks:

Mark 8:22-23

Q.) What is His question for the blind man?

A.) Do you see?

Q.) What is his answer?

A.) Ultimately, yes, but not clearly.

Mark 8:24

At this point the man has sight, but it is very limited making it difficult for him to comprehend the identity men. The physical sight of this blind man runs parallel with the disciple’s spiritual sight: They were blind, but Christ began to help them to see the truth. The disciple’s spiritual sight was limited, which made it difficult for them to comprehend Jesus’ identity.

Q.) What does Jesus do for this man who now sees, but has difficulty grasping what he sees?

A.) He gives him complete sight!

Mark 8:25-26

He who was blind now clearly sees.

Q.) If the thrust of this text is spiritual sight, what should we expect with the disciples?

A.) A clear comprehension of Christ.

IV.) Confessing The Christ

We come to such a conclusion because the very next text shows Jesus questioning the disciples on His identity.

Mark 8:29

Q.) What does Peter now demonstrate?

A.) A clear comprehension of the Christ.

Q.) Where did He get this sight?

A.) God the Father!

Matthew 16:16-17

Just as God gave sight to the physically blind, He gives sight to the spiritually blind.

It is not of flesh and blood, it is of God.

V.) The Conclusion of Christ

I want to close with Christ’s questions:

Q.) Do you not see?

Q.) Do you not understand?

Q.) Do you have a hardened heart?

Q.) Do you not see?

Q.) Do you not hear?

Q.) Do you not remember?

Q.) Do you not yet understand?

Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God!

May God give you:

1.) The sight to see this truth.

2.) The mind to understand this truth.

3.) The heart to embrace this truth.

4.) The ability to comprehend this truth.

That you may believe, and by believing you may have life in His name.

[1] Colossians 1:15; Hebrews 1:3

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