Church History

History of the Church:

On October 1, 1978, Rev. Clayton Beal organized the church with 16 charter members. Pastor Beal was from Liberty Bible Institute in Lynchburg, Virginia. He was led to leave Bible Believing Baptist Church to pastor a church in Greenville, Maine.

In January 1982, Rev. Darwin Vail became pastor and served with passion for over 35 years. Pastor Vail was born and raised in Illinois, served two years in the army and graduated from Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He retired from the office of Pastor in February of 2019.

Praise be to God for His provision and grace which allowed this local body of believers in 1986 to go from worshiping in a small basement to the completed church building. In 2002 the sanctuary was expanded to present building we are in today. His faithfulness to provide makes it possible to declare that where He guides, He provides and is able to do so without the use of debt or the arm of flesh so that He alone gets the glory.

Jared Marean Betts grew up in Gray, ME. After coming to Christ at the age of 19, he faithfully served within the local body. He became our Associate Pastor in 2018 after gathering with our assembly for 9 years. He was elected to the position of Lead Pastor in 2019. Pastor Betts resigned his post as Pastor of BBBC in September, 2022.

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