Church Leadership


Jared Betts: Pastor and Teacher


Jared and Amanda have lived in Gray, Maine nearly their entire lives. They were married in May of 2014, and have two sons, Ezra and Josiah.

After believing on the finished work of Christ, Jared dropped out of the University of Southern Maine and enrolled in classes at New England Bible College for Pastoral Studies, but later changed majors to Christian Ministry. The school closed for a period of time soon after. Within that period of time the Betts’ took steps to become church planters through Ethnos 360. They intended to move to the Ethnos 360 Bible Institute in the summer of 2017, but the arrival of Ezra kept them in Maine longer than expected, so they began taking class through Faith Bible Institute. Their intent was to graduate from the institute in the fall of 2019 and go to Ethnos’ Missionary Training Center in Canada.  The resignation of leadership within Bible Believing Baptist Church, however, prompted Jared to fill the office of a Pastor among their home church.

They have a serious desire to see the gospel of Christ being proclaimed among the unreached people of the world, and realize local churches are the vessels through which Christ fulfills His commission both locally and globally. Understanding Christ designed leadership to come from within the midst of local assemblies, and recognizing his spiritual gifting as a shepherd-elder, Jared desired to lead God’s people in Gray.

His intent is to shepherd according to the Scripture alone knowing the Word is the only way in which one can truly know the Living God, and it is sufficient for all matters pertaining to the life of the believer. Through the expository teaching of the Living Word, Christ will have preeminence in the midst of His people as they conform to His purpose with their foundation being His Word.

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