Church Leadership – Elder

Darwin office

Pastor Darwin Vail served as pastor of Bible Believing Baptist Church in Gray, Maine, for 37 years.  He and his wife Janet have four children and eight grandchildren. There is a book, Where God Guides, God Provides, which tells the story of how God established the church on a cash principle. 

Pastor Vail now promotes Compassion’s Calling and serves as a representative for Grief Care Fellowship.  Wherever God opens the doors for him to speak, he shares  Compassion’s Calling.  Pastor Vail often says, “You never meet anyone by chance.  They are divine appointments.”  You may see Pastor Vail out and about at local restaurants, grocery stores, or on the golf course.  With his love for people and his friendly demeanor, he engages folks in conversation at every opportunity.  Where God guides, God provides.

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