Pastor Phil Andrukaitis, October 23, 2022

1st Thessalonians’ ThemeLiving righteously while waiting patiently for Jesus to return

Sermon Title: Memories

Sermon Test: (1st Thessalonians 1:1-3)             

Subject: Memories of a model church

Complement: Healthy churches will impact their community when they edify one another.

Dominating Idea: It’s impossible to forget those you love.


How’s your memory when it comes to the grocery list, birthdays, telephone numbers, Scripture memory and other Christians?

Transitional Thoughts

As we begin to connect intimately with Paul’s letter to the Thessalonian church (and us), it helps us to understand that the NT epistles (letters) often followed the typical format of the Greco-Roman letters of antiquity. 

Here are three affirmations from spiritual leaders to the church:

I.         Spiritual leaders prove their concern for the church (1:1a)

            A.         Who are these spiritual leaders who proved their concern for the church?

            B.         What lessons might we draw from Paul the disciple maker?

1.   Be zealous to do the work of God.

2.   Be an example – model your faith.

3.   Be a team player.

II.        Spiritual leaders provide care for the church (1:1bc).

A.         Spiritual leaders direct our focus to our identity in Christ.

            B.         Spiritual leaders direct our focus to the personal ministry of God.

            C.        Spiritual leaders pronounce blessings upon the saints of God.

III.      Spiritual leaders pray for the church (1:2-3).

A.         By giving thanks to God for the lives of other believers

B.         By naming the saints in their daily prayers

C.        By remembering the godly virtues of other believers

1.         Work produced by faith

2.         Labor prompted by love

3.         Endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ


1.         Prove your concern.

  • Come together and pray more often; perhaps Sunday mornings at 9:00 am?
  • Ask God to use you and to stretch you to undertake a new ministry.
  • Practice what you already know from the Bible.
  • What other ways might you be able to “prove” (show) your concern for GFC?

2.         Provide care for your church.

  • Check on one another frequently with calls and/or visits.
  • Encourage one another by telling them how much you appreciate them and their ministry.

3.         Pray for the church.

  • Unity among yourselves
  • Protection from the evil one
  • Ask God to open the hearts of sinners and to direct them into our lives and fellowship.
  • Ask God for wisdom (Lord, how do I adjust my life and ministry to the way You are leading?).
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