Women’s Ministries

Secret Sisters

Secret Sisters is a ministry that provides opportunity to anonymously encourage a sister through small gifts or cards on a monthly basis, with emphasis on special holidays.  More importantly, you will commit to praying for her needs – and you will have someone ministering to you in the same way.  For more information, contact Dawna Klinko at 207-714-0336.

Using up space 


Prayer shawls are handmade gifts that represent the love of God and our love for each other.  While being knit, the maker prays God’s blessings on its recipient.  The shawls are often presented during times of illness and grief but can also mark the arrival of a new baby or the entrance into a new stage of life.  Regardless of the circumstance, miraculously the presence of the love of God is consistently reported by those who receive them.  After being met with tears of joy, these shawls are often described as feeling like “a hug from God.”  It’s important to note that it’s not just the recipient who receives blessings from these wonderful gifts.  Those who create each shawl are transformed, strengthened and inspired by the process.  Before they begin, they have no idea as to who this new shawl will be presented to.  In most cases, they choose the colors, size and shape ​​before they know who it will be given to.  Amazingly, God knows who that person will be.  For more information, or to become a part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry, contact Dawna Klinko at 207-714-0336.

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